Shop – This Term’s Classes

Classes for the current term

To enrol for the current term’s classes either

  • use this website
  • see the details in the brochure (see the brochure page) or
  • contact us (see the contact details page)

To enrol for more than one person, follow the steps below:

  • enrol for yourself and pay
  • Log out completely
  • go back to the caceclasses website without logging into your CACE account
  • Select the classes for the other person for the shopping cart
  • When asked if you want to create an account say no
  • Put the other person’s name but your own address if you are paying with Paypal or their address if you are paying any other way.
  • when we tried it the Paypal verification screen came up and we had to log into Paypal account to verify payment.

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