Summer Term Classes and AGM

Summer Term Classes Open for Enrolment from 22nd May.

We’re  running internet based classes using Zoom Video Meetings for a short block of classes from 28th May until July. The classes are Ballet, Painting, Spanish, Yoga and the Book Circle.   From 7th June we’re also running our normal golf classes at GC Golf at Middlebank Golf Centre. The Centre has been adapted to accommodate social distancing and other safety measures.  Class places will be limited.   Go to ‘This Term’s Classes’ for more details and to enrol for the classes.


We don’t know when we’ll  be able to hold our AGM in the normal format so we’re proposing to hold the AGM via the internet, using Zoom.  The AGM will be on Friday 26th June at 7.30 pm.  The agenda and accounts etc will be added to the CACE website for perusal before the meeting.  If you want to attend, please advise by email to and we’ll send you the link you’ll need to join the meeting a few days before the due date.

Assistance with Technology to use Zoom for Classes and the AGM

To use Zoom for participation in the classes and the AGM, you’ll need an internet connection, an email address and a device (e.g. laptop, iPad, tablet, desktop computer, etc) with a camera and microphone.  The majority of laptops and iPads etc., less than 5 years old and some which are older will have built in cameras & microphones. Desktop computers may not have these but you may be able to use a desktop if you already have or purchase an external microphone and webcam. These are relatively inexpensive. These Youtube video clips show you what  you need and how to join a class/meeting:  but if you need further assistance re using Zoom, please email and we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time to call you.

Treasurer Required

Our Treasurer, Linda Scaife, has tendered her resignation. We’re keen to hear from anyone who might be prepared to take on this vital role for CACE.  Please contact Muriel on 01382 360205 for further details.