Life Drawing


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Class Life Drawing
Day held Wednesday
Time of class 7:45 – 9:45 PM
Location Longforgan Hall
First class 5th February
Last class 11th March
Weeks with no class
Number of classes 6
Tutor S. Morison
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Drawing from and understanding the figure is the fundamental way of training the eye to see accurately and the best way of learning to draw almost any subject.  The most important aspect of drawing is learning how to observe properly and we will practice this with live  models.  In this series of classes you will acquire new techniques, learn how to see in a different way and enjoy the process of mark making in your own unique style all whilst having fun and losing your fear of life drawing.  Open to all levels.

You will need:  Paper, A3+ size or sketchbook; Conté pencils, charcoal, coloured dry pastels; rubber and ideally an easel but boards are fine.