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You will only be contacted if a class is oversubscribed or cancelled, otherwise please attend the first session. For online classes, before the first class, you’ll receive the details you need to join by Zoom.

CACE does not return enrolment fees except when requested before the first class.  For Online classes, if a student has technical problems that spoil the class then they should contact us at and CACE will refund your class fees.   

The minimum age for classes is 16 years.

To enrol for more than one person, follow the steps below:

  • enrol for yourself and pay
  • Log out completely
  • go back to the caceclasses website without logging into your CACE account
  • Select the classes for the other person for the shopping cart
  • When asked if you want to create an account say no
  • Put the other person’s name but your own address if you are paying with Paypal or their address if you are paying any other way.
  • when we tried it the Paypal verification screen came up and we had to log into Paypal account to verify payment

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